I was reading over an old blog post about switching most of our development strategy to WordPress.  It occurred to me that the platform has really come a long way since then.  And it has come really really far since I started hacking around with it back in 2006 or so. Its hard to believe that the founder Matt has only recently turned 27 years old.

With the release of version 3 last year, WordPress has truly become a fully functioning CMS.  But more so its fully functioning application development platform.  With the introduction of custom post types, taxonomies and custom fields, a developer can truly achieve anything using the platform.  But even more important is the incredible code structure of WordPress, which allows the developer to enhance, extend, and plug in without touching the core code.

I am satisfied with my forethought ;).  I am confident that 95% of new client projects not only can be built on WordPress, but will greatly benefit from the SEO, social integration, marketing integration, conversion pathway optimization, and every other -ation you can think of.

I am working on a new post right now about my personal WordPress toolbox.  An overview of all the tools I use to build sites, my most beloved plugins, and my overall strategy when it comes to themeing.

For now let me just say kudos to WordPress for so thoroughly kicking ass.  Drupal you suck.  Joomla, do you still exist?  God I hope not.