So you downloaded WordPress and you are ready to get on the wonderful and exciting WP Train to development bliss.  One thing you may notice is that if you simply upload the unzipped WordPress folder to your server, it really takes a long time (damn you WYSIWYG files!).  This is because you are uploading each file separately.  Your FTP client accesses, uploads, then closes a mini connection for each file which takes way to long.  WordPress has a fairly small footprint (2.95MB zipped) but tons of individual files.  So what do you do?

Upload the ZIP file and let your server unzip it!

Its really that simple.  Here is how you do it:

  1. Extract the WordPress zip file. You have to extract it first because the default file you download from has a folder within that called “wordpress”.  If you unzip the file as is your WordPress will be installed in a sub folder called, you guessed it, “wordpress”.  Now if you want it to be in a subfolder than that is fine.  Also you can easily move the files on your server using your FTP software.  But what I do is unzip the files on my Hard Drive and then re-zip the folder within the original zip (“wordpress”) and create a new zip file called
  2. Copy that file to your server wherever you want to install WordPress.  So in many cases your server will look like
  3. Create a new file called unzipwp.php and past in it the following code:
    $zip = new ZipArchive;
    $location = $_SERVER&#91;'DOCUMENT_ROOT'&#93;;

    Keep in mind the file in this case to be unzipped will be

  4. RUN unzipwp.php from your web browser and it will instantly unzip all the files.
  5. DELETE both the zip file and unzipwp.php from your server

That’s it! Now instead of waiting 10 minutes for WordPress to upload, it takes less than a minute. Keep the unzipwp.php file handy for future use.