Grab a nice name for your Facebook page!

So all too often I see real businesses and people that have Facebook fan pages with crazy long URLs. Well guess what… Facebook lets you go ahead and create a nice url for your fan page.

Is Flash dead? I hope so.

Around 2006 as the web 2.0 movement kicked into gear, it dawned on me that the web was more about information, and useable access to that information, and not about bloated interfaces. I quickly became anti-Flash.

If you build it they won’t come

I was reading a great blog post on the topic of starting up.  I was going to write about it but you are probably better off just going and reading it.  Basically it is bang on.  Playing catchup in terms of customer acquisition is tough in the best of times.  Planning every aspect of the … Continued

Check out

Hey dog owners!  You should have a look at the latest project I worked on,  Its a great community and web service for new and old dog owners alike.  I would love to know what you think! Visit Wooftown